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Welcome to Rental Circulation, a video game first impressions-cast, where the gang gets together to play games we haven't played, usually at the behest of someone else. Excitement ensues.
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Hello, and welcome to Rental Circulation's landing page. RSS and iTunes store links at the top, and you can ask our esteemed panel of hosts questions here.

Apr 29, 2015

Today's Circulation: Rayman, Klonoa, Hermie Hopperhead, Croc, Gex: Enter the Gecko

On this episode of Rental Circulation, we play games that some argue should've been left in the '90s. We share our beauty and baking tips, while we all reminisce on how terrible we are at this genre of video games and the sorry state of modern visual culture. Haca struggles to pronounce the word 'record' differently as a noun and a verb. Igni and Bitmap have an argument about Klonoa's aesthetic sense. Proto reveals himself to be the filthy COD-liker of the bunch. Gex jokes.

Intro Music: The Father of All (Opening Stage X) - DarkeSword,

Apr 22, 2015

Today's Circulation: Always Sometimes Monsters, Ib, Yume Nikki, To The Moon, OFF

In the second episode of Rental Circulation, we play RPG Maker games that aren't really RPGs*. Fang-tan joins the crew while Bitmap suffers in silence for the sins of his microphone from last time. Igni proves himself to be a cynic with respect to games, cinema, and television. Proto and 'Frosh geek out over To The Moon. Haca pronounces 'Ib' correctly at least twice. Everyone has bad Yukiho opinions.

(*except for the one that is.)

Intro Music: Now You're All Alone (Barracks Settlement) - urdailywater,

Apr 15, 2015

Today's Circulation: Whirlo, Secret of Mana, Live A Live, Kirby Super Star, Metal Max Returns

In the first episode of Rental Circulation, we play SNES games. Benfrosh deals with a newfound puzzle-platform trauma, Bitmap learns the terror that is scripted boss fights, Proto learns how to be ninja, Haca learns how to win at Gourmet Race, and Igni fights... something strange, to be sure. Stay tuned to witness Jesus Christ Himself descending into our Q&A session.

Intro Music: Hotel Rhumba (I Want To Go Home) - The Pancake Chef,